RIO M (Balvu street, Daugavpils, LV-5400) is ready to undertake the preliminary works, such as land survey, topographical and geodesical works before starting the construction.


Engineering networks construction (communication lines, electrical installation up to 20 kV, water supply and sewerage system) before the start of the construction.


Power lines up to 20 kV designing, installation, distribution point installation, as well as operation maintenance.


Any engineering network construction applying trenchless method or directional drilling. 


The technical possibilities of the special equipment allow perforating cable canalization segment up to 400m at one stroke with the maximum diameter of 500mm. Such equipment, with its great maneuvering techniques, also makes it possible to get round the underground obstacles. 


Communication networks (including optical) designing and laying, as well as further technical support, renovation, and operation maintenance. Optical network installation using special equipment.


With the balancing of tasks and looking for technical solutions within one working team, RIO provides an integrated set of services without subcontracting.