Management Policy

RIO’s operation is based upon the following principles:


- Innovation, constant improvement and growth;

- Human and technological resources of high level;

- Minimal impact on the environment;

- High quality and timely execution of orders;

- Product development  in accordance with the statutory requirements and standards;

- The effective human resource  management  and organization of work;

- The loyalty of the employees; target comprehension and realization.



RIO’s management system effectively maintains the established interaction between departments. Such combination of effort allows it to develop products promptly and in a high quality way, respecting and appreciating customers’ needs and interests.


RIO offers its employees a stable job in a safe and friendly work environment.


RIO supports the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy that characterizes company’s attitude towards the employees who are interested in RIO’s operation. This is also an evidence of the company’s willingness to carry out its duties which are aimed at the staff’s welfare, the improvement of the work environment as well as education development.