Power Supply and Force Cables


Power supply


Originally the company offered construction services which were related to the energy sector. While providing such services RIO gained valuable experience. At present RIO can offer full service cycle: from project development to bringing construction into operation.


Implementing full cycle projects, RIO guarantees the most appropriate technology, equipment and construction methods usage.


Full work performance, simultaneously constructing internal and external networks, prevents duplication of costs and thus reduces site construction financial costs.


RIO offers power supply project development to the following sites:

- Public buildings (offices, shopping and entertainment centers, restaurants, educational and medical institutions);

- Industrial premises;

- State and regional government institution external networks; connections and communications in private houses.


Based on the agreement, RIO’s professionals can provide twenty-four-hour network maintenance and repair throughout the week.


Operation Directions:

- External and internal lightening of buildings;

- Ventilation equipment, air conditioners, lifts and pump power supply;

- Engineering network power equipment;

- Cable heating systems


RIO professionals execute 0, 4 kV – 20 kV cable laying, carry out compact transformer repair and installation works, assemble switching equipment, construct overhead and cable lines.

Since 2000 in electrical cable construction works the trenchless method has been widely used. Such strategy ensures work execution without road surface damage.

At present the length of RIO constructed force cable excesses thousands of kilometers.