Trenchless Technologies in Telecommunication Repair and Construction Works

Trenchless technologies (horizontal drilling) are widely applied to reach the following technological objectives:  


- Water supply and sewerage networks repair, replacement and construction;

- Pipelines construction. Engineering (communication lines, power line designing, oil and gas pipelines)

- Other


Trenchless technology (directional drilling) allows steel and polyethylene pipeline construction. The usage of modern materials fully corresponds to all technical and ecological requirements, as well as ensures continuous operation.


Drilling technologies are applicable to places where routes or communications are crossing rivers, roads or streams and where it is difficult or almost impossible to construct communications by open cut method of drilling (e.g. when crossing railway or highways, route load with existing functioning communications, as well as under embankments (dams), trees and water reservoirs, etc.).


The use of trenchless method compared to traditional open methods significantly reduces costs (soil removal, trench backfilling, landscape restoration and gardening, and if necessary borrows pit construction for groundwater reducing). It is essential that the work can be carried out continuously, causing minimal inconvenience to local people and road traffic.


Economic benefits are resulted from:

- Fast work execution

- Low work costs

- Continuous operation guarantees


For communication construction applying horizontal directional drilling, RIO uses high-tech drilling equipment such as DichWitchJT 520, Grundodrill 10S and 15X, Grundodrill 20S. 


Owned equipment of high standard, as well as employees’ qualifications and experience have won trust among many customers in Latvia.


There are many different additional facilities in RIO’s arsenal, as well as pumping equipment which allows providing extra services:

- Water pumping

- Concrete pumping

- Sewage pumping

- Liquid waste removal